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Well, it’s was not an usual journey to Brno. I was on time at the airport at Zurich. But the train which Gerold took was delayed. This can happen. We were served at the Baggage drop at the same time. The nice girl at the counter told me that our flight was canceled and that my baggage will not be proceeded but the suitcase of Gerold was already in the gorge of the terminal. The guy at his counter was not aware of the cancellation of the flight. So he grabbed my baggage too when I told him about the facts. He claimed that this will not be a problem. Anyway, it was too late, both our suitcases were gone…
The next step was the searching of the right desk for the rebooking of our flight. Of course the desk was at the other end of the terminal. The first person (at a Swiss counter) we asked was not able to do it. The reason was that one Star Alliance member can’t do anything with a partner of another Star Alliance member. Thank you, as a customer I really don’t care about such things but I care about the length of the queue and the remaining time till the flight will start. So we waited at another desk for 10 min to learn in the next 10 minutes that giving in our baggages was a really bad idea and that we have to go back where we started for another check-in. Nice…
After checking-in again we were set and lucky again. The new flight was delayed for an hour. Plenty of time to go through the security check, do some shopping, go the toilet, and switch off the cell phone.
Of course the bus didn’t arrive on time at Brno. But now Gerold and I are in the Hotel. For the last part of our trip (from the bus station to the Hotel) we share a taxi with a Danish Red Hat guy. It was much easier than buying a ticket for the tramway with no Czech language skills.

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