Tibetan L10n effort

Joerg and I spent the last days in India to initiate the Tibetan L10n effort. We arrived at Dharamsala on Saturday, July 20. The Sunday we used to fix the schedule for the follfowing days we were at Dharamsala. On Monday we actually started with an introduction to the Fedora Project (aka ‘How to join the Fedora Project?’). I re-used my slides from FUDCon 2009 in Berlin. Those slides are so common that they always fit. After that I went on with a general overview of L10n, how it works, what tools are used, and explanation of the most used terms. The plan for the afternoon was to do some hands-on but due the lack of a stable internet connection it was more theory than practice.

On the following days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) I tried to introduce Linux  to the people. Most guys are eager to learn new things and it seems that they like Fedora. Joerg made the Fedora Security Lab on a system in their office available and I gave a simple intro on how to use nc, nmap, and wireshark to do basic networking tasks.

As I already mentioned in another posting Joerg and I went to the special null meeting in Delhi. Because of that we arranged our departure on Thursday evening from a train station near Dharamsala to Delhi. Ok, near means 2 hours away by car. Thanks to Antriksh, one of the null founder, out trip in the sleeping compartment of that train went smooth. Without him it would be a little bit laborious because you definitely need to know how stuff works in Indian train travels.

We arrived around 05.00 in the morning in Delhi and went straight to our apartment. The problem is that taxi drivers often have no clue where the customers would like to go. Even if the end of the trip is not more than 800 m from the start. Funny and it makes things more complicated…

On Saturday we went to Noida to join the null meeting at TLabs. There were a lot of people who attended this meeting. After the null meeting we went to a Mall to have some late lunch with some Fedora contributors. After the lunch Joerg started searching for scarfs. Thank you guys that Joerg’s hunt was successful at the end. Kevin invited us later to his house where we met his wife and his children and got some very delicious cashmere food.

On Sunday Joerg and I went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. On Monday we met with a guy, who came to the meeting on Saturday, to go to Chandni Chowk and visit Jama Masjid. The market is impressive and exhausting because there rules a chaos of smells, sounds, and plenty of people. It was a very nice experience but I personally prefer to buy stuff in an European style supermarket 😉

Well, India and especially Dharamsala was a nice experience and it shows me a different world. No everywhere around the globe the same resources like decent hardware, internet access, or stable wireless connections are available. We as Fedora, one of the big open source projects, should keep that always in mind. Especially when it come down to download sizes for images or the requirement to run the graphical installer. Leave some fancy stuff away and you can achieve much more.

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