Thoughs on Fedora Badges

Awarding systems are not my friends because the often don’t reflect the reality. They give a wrong impression what’s going on and I assume that most people don’t really care about. Ok, I provided statistics about the Fedora Ambassadors for a long time and I collected data about the packages in Fedora too. The interpretation of the numbers always lies with the reader.

I made approx. 4500 edits in the new Fedora wiki in the past couple of years and countless in the old one (moinmoin) but this doesn’t mean that I’m a writer.  Hmmm, a badge for 100 or more koji builds that failed to build. This is a great honor and shows that I’m still not know what I’m doing or that I just use the Fedora infrastructure instead of my local mock.

Badges is a new trend. Beside the Fedora Badges you can get some badges at too. If you are a hunter and gatherer, it’s the right time for you 😉

The Fedora Badges system let me remember my school time (I think around the first and the second class). Every time when you made something well you got a sticker. Didn’t work well as a motivator for a better performance in the long run…at least for me.

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