Security related Linux distrubutions

Nowadays there are quite a few Linux distributions out there which provides a set of tools for testing network security, security auditing, forensics, and system rescue. Some are out-dated, unmaintained, or only usable for a specific purpose.

  • STD
  • Network Security Toolkit
  • BackTrack
  • PenToo
  • WifiSlax
  • NetSecL
  • 4buntu
  • Caine
  • DEFT Linux
  • Matriux
  • Blackbuntu
  • Backbox
  • Live hacking DVD

A simple question raises up…why do we provide with the Fedora Security Lab, another GUI based one? The reason is simple: Because we can. No, the real deal is that most people (as we do) like to have a current tool set at their hands.

Fedora has a very short release cycle of 6 months. This means that the Kernel and the OS related stuff are up-to-date and the large group of packagers assure that the tools gets their updates. So chances are big that you have always the latest available releases of your favorite tools at hand. If this is not enough for you, with the kickstart file and livecd-creator you can rebuild the Fedora Security Lab with the packages from Rawhide every time you want.

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