Samsung SL-C410W

After 80000 pages my HP Laserjet 2100TN reached the end of its life. The printer is not dead but the quality of the printout is really bad even after cleaning the whole printer and for one page you get always a second one. Of course both with stripes and shadows.

I haven’t bought a printer for myself in years. Well, I don’t want an inkjet printer, multifunctional maybe, an ethernet interface definitely, color why not, paying a lot no thanks. So I decided to buy a Samsung SL-C410W. Of course Samsung claims that the printer is working with Linux.

The size of the printer is nice. You don’t need much space. The size is more or less equal to the LJ 2100. I dislike the paper tray because it stick out and I’m missing the the manual tray for envelopes. Well, I will learn to life with that.

Let’s try to install the printer on Fedora 19. Doesn’t really work. But thanks to the Samsung Support webpage the installation is pretty easy. Download the provided tarball and then:

Be careful after Section 9, there is only one left and you need to confirm the agreement. After that you should see your C410W as Samsung-C410 in Cups.

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  1. Gotta love this kind of Linux “support”. It looks like there’s no cheap printer with an open source driver for Linux, preferably one included upstream.

  2. rom1dep says:

    Hi ! 🙂
    This may be worth reading:
    (well, I didn’t check if it fully applies to your printer/driver but since it’s about ULD…)

  3. br says:

    Hi, Fabian!
    Next time you can try to replace photo drum (not cartridge even!) with another one, which you can buy for ex. on ebay or aliexpress for a couple of dollars.

    Replacing only malfunctioning components saves your money and our Earth.

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