OpenExpo 2010 Berne

Like every year the spring edition of OpenExpo was hosted at the BEAexpo fair ground in the north of Berne. OpenExpo is a small Open Source event hosted beside a commercial business software event for ERP systems. Different to other years the space for the community inside the ‘OpenSource’ area was decreased. It was a bit to .

Joerg was extremely early. This means that he called me right after I left my bed. This way the booth setup was already done when I arrived at the fair. The nice stand-up banner and the logo was placed well. As usual the neighbour were well known, CAcert, OLAT, Typo3, Puzzle ITC and Archivista. Some projects didn’t attend this year. I don’t know the reason. Maybe the reason was that the organization team rejected their attendance because of the reduction of the available space. Around 09.00 the booth team was complete. Timea and Sacha were arrived. Amit joined us too. He is from Mauritius and is working at Glattbrugg near Zurich for a customer at the moment.

We spent the whole day near our booth. Most of the time chatted the people around due the lack of visitors. There are some new kids on the block like icinga, tryton, and so on and on.

In the second half of the afternoon Joerg and Amit went back home. So Timea and I joined the social event alone. Sacha decided to go to the hotel first and come back later to the social event. We shared a table with the guys from CAcert and a member of the Ubuntu Swiss team. Of course the main topic was hardware, open source software, and social dynamics of community driven development. ‘Le chef’ at the Bacardi Club showed us at 10.00 pm that it’s time to go home. We did that because the second day is always harder 😉

Joerg wrote another report.

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