Last week I received my M5Stack unit. It’s a nice little device with a ESP32 and a clever system to stack multiple elements. The top element contains a main unit that also contains a display, three buttons (beside the Power button), a slot for a SD card and an USB-C connector for the communication and for charging the battery.

To use the web frontend from io.m5stack.comto program the device we need a new firmware.

We are going to use esptool which will handle the flashing process. On Fedora execute:

Now erase flash of the ESP32 after you have connected the M5Stack.

Flash the new firmware.

After the reboot, connect to the SoftAP (like you do for other frameworks like ESPEasy) and attach your device to the web interface. Now, coding can start…just simple than using the WebREPL for Micropython.

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