LinuxDay 2014 Dornbirn

Again the Fedora Project was present at the LinuxDay at Dornbirn (a small linux event near the German, Swiss, and Austrian border beside the Lake Constance). I arrived some minutes before the event started. Matthias Summer was already there and prepared the booth. Well, there was not much to prepare.

Some visitors asked about the difference between Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Fedora. It seems that nobody really cares about the new products (Workstation, Server, Cloud). One guy told me that he is quite capable to select an option during a manual installation process and really dislike the idea of downloading a new image if he wants to install a server. Hmmm, one thing which will become the system the users wants…

It was nice to see that there were some newcomers. Interesting things like OSDomotics or the Libreboot Project but most of the project have been seen at other events.

This year’s edition of the LinuxDay was a little bit less crowded than the last one I joined. The talks were well attended. I think that this small local event has a lot of loyal visitors and most people like the atmosphere which is very family-friendly. Yeah, the open source community is getting older and a lot of contributors are accompanied by their family members.

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