Lighttpd and Alpine

In the Alpine Linux wiki the installation of lighttpd is well documented. But a simple tutorial for beginner was missing. To be more specific, just a tutorial about installing lighttpd to server simple html pages. This blog post is a summary of the original wiki article.

lighttpd is available in the Alpine repositories. To install, simple launch the command below:

If you just want to server simple HTML pages lighttpd can be used out-of-box. No further configuration needed.

Start lighttpd

You will get a feedback about the status.

  • Restart: /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart
  • Stop: /etc/init.d/lighttpd stop

Normally you want to start the web server when the system is launching. This is done by adding lighttpd to the needed runlevel.

Testing Lighttpd
This section is assuming that lighttpd is running. If you now launch a web browser from a remote system and point it to your web server, you will see a page that says “404 – Not Found”.


At the moment there is no content to show. Let’s add a simple test page.

Now you will get the test page if you reload.

The full tutorial is available in the Alpine Linux wiki.

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