FSL Test Bench at TLabs, Delhi

Today was an irregular meeting of the Delhi null community. The main topic was OSSTMM, but Joerg and the orga team were so nice and gave me 30 min to present the Fedora Security Lab Test Bench. This was the first time I spoke about the FSL Test bench in public and I got some really valuable feedback. Thanks you guys for share your thoughts and your ideas with me.

During the process of setting-up a FSL Test bench while Joerg was talking, it shows me that there are some obstacles when trying to setup the FSL Test bench with an internet connection which is not very fast. The timeouts are a bit low and a bunch of included software was outdated.

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  1. Shubhamoy says:

    FSL seems to have a great potential soon will try my hands over it and thanks to your blog which provides a great information regarding the same!

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