FSL Test bench and Live Media

After announcing the Fedora Security Lab Test bench a person asked if there will a live media of it.

Well, the answer is simple: No (at least for the moment).

Providing a VM or a Live media would make it easier to setup, no doubt. The Fedora Security Test bench is not like a regular spin. We are modifying configuration files to match the environment where the FSL Test bench is hosted and are building the website on-the-fly. This is not possible with a Live media.

If there is a preconfigured VM or something similar this means basically that we are giving you a blackbox. You have to trust us about what’s inside the VM or check everything by yourself which is not very time-efficient. By using Ansible’s playbooks you can see what steps are taken to setup the FSL Test bench. You are in control of every setup step, nothing is hidden and everything is transparent. The core components are installed out of the Fedora Package Collection on top of a minimal Fedora installation. This ensure that the operating system runs the latest packages and behave with integrity. No backdoors, no malware, no evil stuff.

More answers can be found in the FAQ.

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