As usual in December the FAD EMEA take place. In the past couple of years it was held in the greater area of Basel. This year the location was again right on the Rhine. Felix spicked a nice little spot to stay and sleep.

The Friday evening we spent at the christmas market at Leverkusen. Like in every other big city in Europe it’s hard to avoid the christmas markets. We had a really good time there. Well, two mugs of Whiskey Punch are definitely enough to remember the evening in the morning.

Almost the whole Saturday was about the Fedora activities in EMEA. Country overviews, events, buget, and so on and on. Please check the etherpad for details. I really liked the idea of have hangouts during the sessions but I would like it more if the solution is not depending an the company that start with a G and would work with not-so stable internet connections.

Because Leverkusen is not very close to the place where my driver, Joerg,  is living and even further away where I’m living, we decided to head home after breakfast on Sunday morning. The idea was to have a couple of hours of weekend at home before the new week starts.

It was a nice event. Nowadays for me it’s more about the people and less about the swag, the budget, or if we sell spins idea now as products/flavours. In the past 8 years we discussed every single point already several times almost to the bottom but I assume that a couple of topics will never die.

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