Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2016

CLT 2016 is over…it’s wired that CLT took place right in front of Eastern. So, what to tell about this issue of the Chemnitzer Linux Tage?

  • Fedora was there with a booth.
  • Again, we had a 3D printer and new, a 3D scanner.
  • This year the crew was minimal, only Robert, Miro, and myself.
  • Funny…nobody was talking about the Ubuntu Phone.
  • On-site swag production is a nice thing.
  • x86 hardware needs to die.

CLT is doing a steady job for years now. There are a lot of visitors and many of them attend the event every year. It’s hard to tell how many recurring visitors there were but at least a dozen is coming every years and is talk with us. Nowaday people know that CentOS is now closer to Fedora, too. And yes, it is an big annoyance for them that RPMFusion is not available for CentOS 7.

One problem is the closing on Sunday. Closing at 18.00 is way too late. Most people need to work the next day and don’t live around the corner of Chemnitz. After 15.00 the amount of visitors is dropping very fast and you can literally feel that most community members just want to go home. At 17.00 Miro removed the 3D printer and the scanner. The “CLT QA Team” didn’t look very not amused. Sorry guys, but borrowed hardware needs to be back on time.

In the report last year I said that we need a new eye-catcher. Now, it’s time for that. While the 3D printer is still working, it’s no longer the case that we are way ahead of other distributions and Fedora is not a big shot in the Maker community. BTW, Python 3 will not really as substitute.

Events like CLT and the other big European events (OpenRheinRuhr and Froson) needs to be covered. If there are no ambassadors, developers, designers, or other people who are close to Fedora around we need to bring people in. Max Spevak (for those who do not know: Former FPL) in 2009 was a real magnet and Alan Cox was the best thing which could happen for us at OpenExpo 2008. Marking a presence is as important as showing the “F” around. I guess that the Facebook joke never gets old.

We will see how the future of CLT is handled.

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