Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2015

CLT 2015 is over…actually the event is over for a while now. What to tell about this issue of the Chemnitzer Linux Tage.

  • Fedora was there with a booth and a 3D printer.
  • As usual there were the same guys around: Joerg, Robert, Sirko, Sven, and Miro
  • This was the first time that Ubuntu was right across from us. Thanks for showing me the Ubuntu Phone.
  • With a 3D printer you can produce swag while the event is running.
  • There are still people out there who are running x86 hardware and asking for x86 images.

From my point of view, CLT is attracting more people than ever. Saturday was very busy and sometimes it was quite a fight to get to the toilette ;-). Nowadays people are still running in the same trouble as 5-7 years agao. They are mixing repos (which only became an issue after an update to F22), the system locale stuff is getting on people’s nerves, and video drivers are not working always out-of-box.

Again, sooner or later we need a new eye-catcher. While the 3D printer is working well, we are running in the same blind alley as we did with the OLPC years ago. I still have no master plan to avoid this. I will rely on the smart people that they will figure out something.

If you want to know more, please check the other blog posts.

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