Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2014

What to tell about the CLT 2014? Well, this is an event that is repeating itself. Why that?

  • The event is continuously attracting people. Some years there are more visitors, this year,  from my point of view, there were less visitors comparing to other years but this is just a feeling.
  • There are always the same people around (Joerg, Robert, Sirko, and Miro)
  • We gave the same stickers away like last year
  • We re-used an old poster (not much people recognized the wrong release number)
  • The 3D printer was there
  • The food was delicious

This year we had a “new-comer”, it was the first CLT for Joerg Stephan and got some support from Raphael. Beside that not much more tell. It’s an exhausting weekend but I really like to spend time with those Fedora guys.

Sooner or later we need a new eye-catcher. While the 3D printer is working well, we are running in the same blind alley as with the OLPC. People just see the hardware and not Fedora or the idea behind it. Anyway the printer is still very cool because this way it’s possible to create swag (Fedora keychains) at an event.

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