Breakout.js 0.2.3

Breakout.js 0.2.3 was released yesterday. This release includes performance improvements for both Breakout Server (GUI) and the headless node JS version of breakout server.

The node JS server was also broken as of node JS version 0.10. This issue has been resolved but you may need to upgrade to node JS version 0.10 or greater and be sure to rerun npm install from the Breakout/node_server/ directory to update the npm modules.

If you have been running Breakout Server from your Applications directory or another directory other than Breakout/ be sure to replace it with the server included in the Breakout v0.2.3 download.

Other changes include a reduced startup delay (time to launch after a browser reset) and the /sensors/temperature.html example has been updated to use the TMP36 sensor in place of the LM335 sensor.


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