Bid for FUDCon 2011 at Dublin

It was a long ride home from FOSDEM. Gerold and I spent most of the time talking about Fedora stuff and in particular about a possible FUDCon in EMEA. One idea was to hold this event near a Red Hat event. After some research we found out that in June the Red Hat Partner Summit will take place at Dublin, Ireland.

In the meantime we sorted our thoughts and placed a bid for Dublin. The bid process for FUDCon EMEA was opened a while ago. I think it was at the FAD EMEA 2010 when Jarod Smith talked about starting the FUDCon EMEA bid process. Hopefully there will come more bids…

Our bid violates in many ways the rules of the FUDCon Bid process. The event is in the wrong quarter, Gerold and I are not located at Dublin, and there is not much time to get it going. Only to mention some points. So far we do not want to spent more time in evaluating things till we
all can agree/disagree that this unusual bid has a chance.

We would like to hear your thoughts and objections about this. Please use the the FUDCon planning list.

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