Bcfg2-1.2.0 Prerelease 3

A new release for Bcfg2 1.2.0pre3 is now available. The following highlights some of the major changes from the last prerelease:

  • POSIX: Add recursive permissions (Ticket #871)
  • Probes: make Bcfg2 automatically handle JSON, XML, and YAML output
  • Tons of Validate plugin fixes
    • Make -q turn off package verification in YUMng
    • YUM: Make YUMng the preferred client tool on RPM systems
    • Frame: Fix ‘important’ entry installation in decision mode
  • bcfg2-reports (Show total numbers of entries, show modified entries, accept and create non-ASCII diffs, and fix –badentry and –extraentry)
  • Options: Set default encoding to UTF-8
  • Proxy: Catch traceback when name resolution fails
  • Deprecate Base in favor of Bundler
  • Only listen on specified interface by default
  • added -t option to set client timeout
  • POSIX: Clarify normalization error
  • allow setting whitelist/blacklist mode in bcfg2.conf
  • Cfg
    • Fix the output encoding of Genshi templates
    • Fix bcfg2-admin pull behavior for genshi templates (#1010)
    • Fix PluginExecutionError
  • bcfg2: Convert specification from Unicode to UTF-8 (Resolves ticket #1009)
  • Added FileProbes plugin
  • log more useful error message if python-ldap is not installed
  • DBStats: Stop duplicating data in reports_reason
  • NagiosGen rewrite
  • Client/Tools: Get rid of popen2 (in favor of subprocess)
  • SvcTool: Add interactive_only mode

Download : http://trac.mcs.anl.gov/projects/bcfg2/wiki/Download
Mailing list : https://lists.mcs.anl.gov/mailman/listinfo/bcfg-dev
IRC : #bcfg2 on chat.freenode.net

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