Alpine Linux 3.3.0 released

The Alpine Linux Project is pleased to announce Alpine Linux 3.3.0, the first release in v3.3 stable series.

The ISO images have been renamed. Current images are now:

  • alpine (previously ‘alpine-mini’). Minimalisitic boot media for network access.
  • alpine-vanilla (same as before). Same as ‘alpine’ but with vanilla kernel.
  • alpine-extended (previously ‘alpine’). Same as ‘alpine’ but with slightly more packages available in the repository. Handy where network access is limited.
  • alpine-xen (same as before). Boot media for Xen Dom 0.
  • alpine-rpi (same as before).
  • alpine-uboot (same as before). General ARM image.

Some of the new features are:

  • linux 4.1 kernel
  • gcc 5.3.0 / musl 1.1.12
  • New repository named community
  • mariadb 10.1
  • Xen 4.6
  • perl 5.22
  • isohybrid boot images
  • refactored initramfs. alpine_dev boot option no longer needed and better support for cryptroot, lvm, mdadm.
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