5 years as an Ambassador and more

During the lunch break today an office colleague asked me about an alternative operating system for his old computer. We started to talk about Linux. After some more sentences he asked me about my engagement in the FOSS world and the Fedora Project. Later I checked my account in FAS…In June 2006 (the exact date is 2006-06-06) I became an Ambassador after I managed to sign the CLA with my PGP key…That was over 5 years ago.

Time to reflect…and to make a little list to boast (in no particular order)

  • I’m one of the first 50 ambassadors 🙂
  • I represented Fedora at plenty of events and was the organiser or co-organiser for some of those events (like FUDCon Berlin).
  • I have made over 4400 wiki edits in the new Fedora Wiki.
  • We founded Fedora EMEA e.V. in 2008 to make things easier for Ambassadors. Red Hat didn’t like us and “forced” us to change the name. So this association was closed down at the end of 2011. It’s funny fedora-fr.org is still around…
  • Once I was a member of FamSCo.
  • In 2008 I was Leader of the monthly Ambassadors meeting for EMEA.
  • I was the translation coordinator for German and Swiss German and member of the Translation Steering Committee for several years.
  • I haven’t seen a Fedora Project Leader from Europe, Asia, or Africa. All four (i think that’s the right number) were from within the US.
  • FAmSCo is still one of those steering committee that is well mixed. Often there are people from all continents.
  • Most of the “important” Fedora positions are still filled with people from the US. You can find out easily by yourself if they work for Red hat or not. But this is another story.
  • The Fedora Project is still not that independent from Red Hat as it should be. But thank you dear sponsor for giving us the opportunity to do thing that we couldn’t do if there is no money.
  • Making packages is fun, maintaining packages can be cumbersome, and most people do not like to make reviews.
  • I met many smart people.
  • Some of the slogans I will still remember are:
    • Step up or shut up
    • Get shit done

I think that there are people around with a much more impressive list of past activities. But still, “I’m Fedora” at least a little bit 😉

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