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Home Assistant 0.72

Hoem Assistant 0.72 contains a new way to customize the frontend: Lovelace. The release blog post is covering all details. [crayon-607a6b0608d27798964971/] Documentation: Source:

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Fedora IoT and Home Assistant

As announced is Fedora IoT still pretty close to Fedora Atomic but I was curious how it “looks and feels”. Ok, more “feels” than there is not much see beside the prompt. My encounters with different ARM hardware and Fedora &he...

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Trademark in the Pi-hole community

TL;DR There is a discussion going on (not so much anymore) in the issue tracker of a Python module I wrote about the usage of Pi-hole and pihole. The package name and the repository name were according to Pi-hole LLC, … Continue reading →...

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Home Assistant 0.71

As usual is the release blog post covering the details about the latest Home Assistant release which is 0.71. It contains awesome stuff like Iperf3 or Hydrawise. [crayon-607a6b060a456648814590/] Documentation: Source: https...

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