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Fedora Security Test Bench now with bootstrap 3

Porting the web interface to bootstrap 3 was not really a pleasure. Well, now it’s done and I don’t like it. I want the the design responsive but from my point of view it’s a bit too much… Dear Bootstrap … Continue read...

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Happy Birthday

only Happy Birthday to you, Fedora Project domain name [crayon-607c6cd554b9d493086904/]...

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Command-line CAS

Want to solve equations on the command-Line? Take a look at mathomatic. [crayon-607c6cd5558ac999569345/] Nice 🙂...

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I think that a lot of people agree when I say that doing stuff with a command-line is fast and easy. Ok, I’m talking about daily maintenance tasks here and not geeky and super sexy one-line bash commands. What’s a … Continue readin...

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In the past I was using a simple python script to create messages which are sent to random topics with random payload. Especially when I was working on mqtt-panel the script was nice but not very flexible. mqtt-randompub is the … Continue read...

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Alpine Linux 2.6.4 released

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 2.6.4 of its Alpine Linux operating system. The kernel was upgraded to 3.10.10. Download: Documentation: http://wiki.alpinelinux.or...

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pysysbot 0.1

Two years back I wrote a XMPP/Jabber bot named pysysbot. It’s based on the Python Jabberbot framework and just gives you system details as answers. In the past days I started to rewrite some parts especially the handling of the … Continu...

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Fedora GPG Key Server

There is now a PGP Key server from the Fedora Project.

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