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Alpine Linux Installation

For packaging stuff for Alpine Linux or Fedora different VMs are running at my home. So far this setup works pretty well as long as I’m able to establish a network connection. With my HTC Desire and an USB cable … Continue reading →...

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Speed issues

It seams that I have a little speed issue with the ethernet-over-power adapters between the living room and the room where the server is located. It’s nearly impossible to display any media because it’s so extremly slow. Broken Hardware a...

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Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2012

Es gibt ja schon ein paar Berichte über die Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2012 (siehe hier und hier), aber ich will es nicht unterlassen meine eigenen Eindrücke wiederzugeben. Eigentlich unterscheidet sich der Freitag-Vormittag vor dem CLT kaum vom gleiche...

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Bcfg2 1.2.2 released

Bcfg2 1.2.2 is primarily a small bugfix release. Documentation: Download : Mailing list : IRC : #bcfg2 on

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Es ist fast unglaublich…screen scheint heute 25 Jahre alt geworden zu sein. Glücklicherweise sieht man screen das Alter nicht an....

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Installing Social Engineering Toolkit on Fedora

The Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) is a suite of python based tools which focuses on attacking the human element for penetration tests. [crayon-607c680938a77629237600/] There are some deps which needs to be installed. [crayon-607c680938a7c364537680...

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Firmata and node.js

A quick round with firmata for node.js. [crayon-607c680939266293083639/]  ...

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Vor etwa vier Jahren habe ich mal eine kleine Zusammenstellung meiner Festplatten veröffentlicht. Verbaute Platten – 2x 2 TB – 2x 1 TB – 1x 320 GB – 1x 500 GB – 3x 250 GB Externe Platten – 1x 1 … Continue r...

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Investigating VoIP ressources

Let’s run some test on a VoIP test environments with the tools of SIPvicious. The test setup contains the listed items: 2 Cisco 7960 phones (wired) 1 Android phone with csipimple (wireless) 1 Empathy client (wireless) FreePBX with asterisk (wir...

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