What’s new in the Fedora Security Lab?

Unlike other security distributions is the Fedora Security Lab, speaking about the live media here, not standing alone. The Fedora Security Lab is a package set inside the Fedora Package Collection and a part of that package set is available as live media.

Everything, I mean everything, that is present in this package set can be used on a regular Fedora installation (some parts are also available for EPEL). You don’t have to switch to a different distribution to perform a security test, an assessment or doing forensics, simple use your day-by-day system.



  • massdns – High-performance DNS stub resolver for bulk lookups and reconnaissance
  • shuffledns – Wrapper around massdns
  • aiodnsbrute – DNS asynchronous brute force utility
  • dnstwist – Domain name permutation engine

amass is on the list.


  • wfuzz – Web fuzzer
  • ffuf – Fast web fuzzer written in Go
  • gobuster – Directory/File, DNS and VHost busting tool

patator and gospider are on their way


  • goloris – Slowloris for NGINX DoS
  • slowloris – Low bandwidth DoS tool
  • python-friendlyloris – A Slow Loris package for Python


  • adb-enhanced – Swiss-army knife for Android testing and development
  • python-adb-shell – Python implementation for ADB shell and file sync

python-adb, andriller, androguard and androwarn are just around the corner.

Reverse engineering

  • aeskeyfind – Locate 128-bit and 256-bit AES keys in a captured memory image

rsakeykind, binee and angr are work-in-progress.


  • kerberoast – Kerberos security toolkit for Python
  • httprobe – Probing tool for working HTTP and HTTPS servers
  • python-nessus-file-reader – Python file reader for nessus files
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