Speed issues

It seams that I have a little speed issue with the ethernet-over-power adapters between the living room and the room where the server is located. It’s nearly impossible to display any media because it’s so extremly slow. Broken Hardware again, probably…

Let’s make some tests. My pfSense box is acting as a server and my laptop and the server are the clients. My laptop is connected to the same switch as the pfSense box, the server is connected with two power-over-ethernet adapters to the switch.

I used to the command line to start iperf but as far as I remember can this be done with the webinterface too.

The standard test for the bandwidth is measured the speed from the laptop to the pfSense box.

The same procedure for the server.

Hmmm, I guess the adapters are ok. Let’s see the details about the wireless lan connection from the laptop to the pfSense box.

The wireless speed is almost the same as for the HTC Desire.

It seams that the 802.11g WLAN is accting like a 802.11b network…Time to replace the WLAN card of the ALIX and make a new test.

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