Interesting…again is Canonical proposing something new: Snaps. Don’t worry, it’s like Flakpack. I stop right here as you already know what I’m going to say otherwise search for Unity, Mir, Ubuntu Phone…. Anyway, this article outlines according to the author three issues

1: Developers can’t take advantage of the latest libraries and offer more features to their users if the distribution is still using older libraries.

Wrong. Developers can almost instantly take advantage of new feature if they are using a distro with a fast pace. Sorry, that’s not Debian. If the developers would stop bundling libs, not doing fancy tricks to make their applications build on their own systems, and start following the best-practices the life of all packages would be easier.

2: Developers have to write and maintain apps for different distributions as well as different versions of a single distribution because they all are using different versions of libraries.

Again wrong. Developer don’t need to maintain packages that’s the job of packagers.

3: Mixing libraries leads to broken systems, so those Linux users who often live on the bleeding edge are continuously fixing their systems.

Not really…my Fedora Rawhide installation only needs fixing 3-4 times a year. The same for Alpine Linux.

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