Randsomware Linux

The latest buzz word beside “Big data” is “Randsomware”. At lot of people are talking about this topic and suggesting about counter-measures. Not only in case of a malware infection a backup can be useful. Keep in mind, that a backup is the last resort.

But what’s the first layer of protection: the user and the operating systems. You can teach your users forever but they are lazy and ignorant. So, choose your operating system wisely. It’s not a clever move to choose a proprietary system like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Why? Because the companies behind have a monetary interest and your security is not a priority in the first place. They claim it is but the last 20 years unfortunately prove the complete opposite.

Will open source help to protect you? Yes, maybe open source can help you if you are little
farsighted. According to the Wikipedia page about the Linux.Encoder.1 Randsomware can this malware hit you too.

When launched with administrator privileges, , the program

I guess that I don’t have to tell you what this means…

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