I think that a lot of people agree when I say that doing stuff with a command-line is fast and easy. Ok, I’m talking about daily maintenance tasks here and not geeky and super sexy one-line bash commands. What’s a task which is performed very often? One is service management.

Well, with a cell phone is a kind of tricky to do that because it’s not a real pleasure to type and I don’t want to store my SSH keys on a device which is under heavy control of a big company. Options? A neat web interface you be nice. I didn’t find a web interface for systemd but rather I found ramona.

ramona is an application supervisor with a nice web interface. Beside the Python binding for libev there are no further dependencies needed. Below you find a simple sample with a stripped-down configuration file.

The configurations file

Make the script executable and lauch it.

The web interface is running and accessible at http://localhost:5588. Just a fingertip to restart a service.

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