Personal EventBox

A suggestion to make a small “Personal EventBox” for event newbies. This box contains no advertisement stuff only necessary thing which can be useful to build up a booth.

  • “Container”: Plastic box (waterproof)
  • Ethernet Cables: 1x 3 m, 1x 1 m & 1x 0.5 m
  • Pens: around 20
  • Markers: black, red, blue (Waterproof)
  • Duct tape: 5 mm x 20 m roll (invisible)
  • Cable strap: 15x small, 15x large
  • Tape: 50 mm x 40 m roll (invisible)
  • Misc: rubber, corretion tape, pair of scissors, glue stick, 2x lanyards, twine and microsaver


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