Over the last years I was running my virtual machines on a dedicated machine with plenty of RAM, multiple network interfaces, and storage. Management was done with virt-manager on that system when it was necessary. Everything works fine. I was only missing a web interface. Of course you can use virt-manager to remote control/manage all virtual machine over SSH, Kerberos, or SSL. But this doesn’t work if your system is windows or osx based as far as I know.

So I think that I should give oVirt a try. Installation went smooth because the packages are available in the Fedora Package collection. engine-setup helps with the initial setup. This was done by answering a couple of questions. After that I visited the oVirt Engine administrator portal. So far so good, the web interface is working but the ‘Portals’ button is missing. Just: “Note: You are using a stripped down version, full version with GUI included can be downloaded in oVirt Project Site.”. Hmm, I’m not the only one with this issue. Solution doesn’t work. GWT (I assume this is Google Web Toolkit) is not available and it will not end up in the Fedora Package Collection in the near future. I think that to depend on a piece of software which will maybe available at some point in time is no very clever. But this is upstream’s call.

Conclusion: For me, oVirt without the web interface is pretty useless at the moment and it will be till upstream drop the GWT dependency, somebody will start working on a Fedora package, or I find a work-around.

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