nmap and RTSP source

My IP network cam is able to stream the video source with RTSP.

First, it’s needed to add the missing script and lib for RTSP.


rtsp-url-brute and rtsp-methods

I can remember that the cam has a web interface for configuration. Let’s browse through the network and see if there is a device with a running web server which needs authentication.

The IP address is

Assuming that I can’t remember the RTSP URL. --script=rtsp-url-brute could help to detect RTSP URLs but after the installation of this script the needed file (rtsp-urls.txt) is missing on my system. It seams that rtsp-url-brute is not providing this file.

Damn, I can’t remember the password and the user name either. OK, this is a lie, I reset the password to a real simple one. This way ncrack can do it in a short amount of time.

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