Linux Container (LXC) on Fedora

For some of my needs Linux Container (LXC) would fit perfectly as a replacement for chroot. But till yesterday I have had some issues with the shipped template for Fedora.

This created an unusable container. So I started to play around with the alternative solution from Daniele Viganò. After some modifications the script does what it should do. Create a rootfs of Fedora which is ready to run with LXC. To make it easier the script generate now a systemd service unit to start the container. I’m not sure if this is a clever or the right way to control containers.

After the bash script is done. Start the container…

Well, it does not work very well. The default commands from lxc interfere with systemd. Perhaps just taking the unit file from virt-sandbox-service without adapting was not enough.

BTW, to find out the IP address of the container, just check the leases file of dnsmasq when using the libvirt bridge.

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