From time to time I stumble over very cool stuff while looking for new tools for the Fedora Security Lab or Alpine Security. inception is one of those…

Inception is a FireWire physical memory manipulation and hacking tool exploiting IEEE 1394 SBP-2 DMA. The tool can unlock (any password accepted) and escalate privileges to Administrator/root on almost* any powered on machine you have physical access to. The tool can attack over FireWire, Thunderbolt, ExpressCard, PC Card and any other PCI/PCIe interfaces.

This is a perfect tool to show people that it’s not enough to lock the screen and leave it on the desk powered on while going to the cafeteria or before closing time. Especially when you are on a customer side. I assume that your ssh/gpg/what-ever keys are stored in your home directory…One way of protection is to have no ports which can be accessed or to mechanically lock your ports (that is not an easy task for Firewire with 4 pins or a PCIe interface). Anyway, powering-down your machine is a little safer when you are sure that nobody will steal your system.

The package for Fedora is now in testing.


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