Fedora Release names

In the beginning I liked the code names for Fedora releases. The code name for Fedora Core 1 till 5 were ok. Then came names I liked and some I didn’t. With F9 were some funny names in the list.  With “Beefy Miracle” we reached the low point, very close to the Ubuntu way.

Now we have “Schrödinger’s Cat” so funny, so cool. Not so cool because with such ridiculous choices things start to break. During the configuration process of a system we modify the motd file as one of the basic steps to mark system which are under the control of a configuration management system. Check this out: ansible whatever -m setup is able to get the value:

So fare so good. But the output leads to that

We should definitely stop to make our lives harder with  Sure, it’s a bug in Ansible and perhaps it’s good to have it found now but in the meantime it’s just an annoyance by an very non clever decision by the Fedora community.

If you think that Fedora still needs code names, make a little test.

Answer fast: Code name for F11? Code name for F13?

You can’t remember. Nobody can remember… but a lot of time is wasted in the process to retrieve those names. If you have to much time, start and make some package reviews.

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