Fedora IoT at Flock 2017

The Fedora IoT talk by Peter Robinson at Flock 2017 was very similar to the one during Flock 2016. There are a lot of new devices supported and new stuff is coming. For the home automation eco-system RS-485, Modbus, and CAN will definitely have an impact. I guess that a lot of people are looking forward for Bluetooth mesh, machine learning, and AI.

Hardware from 96boards was playing an important role in the recent past. So important that Robert Wolff presented the “Evolution of the 96Boards Ecosystem” right after the IoT session.

On the software side modularity and atomic’s monthly release will help but some parties are fighting with the packaging workflow. For Home Assistant there are over 100 dependencies that are not present in Fedora. It’s pretty much the same for Node-RED. Dennis addressed that issue during the closing session as well.

If Fedora wants to play a role not only in the IoT development but also in being a platform to run the premier IoT tools or applications. Without containers, virtual environments, or other tricks, simple sudo dnf install x . We need to act quickly and solve this issue better now than later. Sure, you can run Home Assistant with pip3 install homeassistant or Node-RED with
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red  but the chances are high that you will run into issues very soon.

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