FAD Python 3 Porting 2015

I have a lot of packages in the Fedora Package Collection and 30 % are Python. This was the reason why I participated in the FAD Python 3 Porting 2015.

Somethings that I noticed:

  • I was lurking around most of the time in #python-fedora but another participant still opened a bug report against one of my packages 🙂
  • The portingdb is great. I would really liked it if the database reflected the current state. Meaning that ‘Waiting packages’ get updated every couple of hours with the latest information from Koji or other sources.
  • The new macros are great too. Unfortunately for 4 out of 5 arch-depend packages the builds failed. I hope that now different compiler flags are used which would make the build fails anyway and not something in the macros itself.

There is still a long way to go for Python 3.x but step after step.

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