Gerold Kassube is organizing the next FAD for EMEA and he like to invite you to help improving our group in Europe.

So please check your agenda and have a look if it’s possible for you to come to Rheinfelden, Germany at the following date

Arrival: Friday, 2007-11-23
Working: Saturday, 2007-11-24
Departure: Sunday, 2007-11-25

The topics are:

– Events 2008
(covering, attention, needs; budget discussions)
– Non profit organisation
(what will we do [next?!])
– SWAG (Memebership, Webshop, etc.)
– Discussions & Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun ….

He hope that you can arrange it to participate. Your answer is requested for latest 2007-09-30 (because of ordering rooms, meals etc.)

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