Bcfg2-1.2.0 Prerelease 1

The new experimental release of Bcfg2 was published some days ago. The following list highlights just a few new things you can expect to find:

  • Massive reporting updates from Tim Laszlo (including a new bcfg2-web package)
  • Cfg/TGenshi unification from Tim Laszlo
  • SSLCA for automated certificate generation from Graham Hagger
  • Ldap plugin from Torsten Rehn
  • Pacman support for Archlinux from Asaf Ohaion
  • New bundle-quick mode
  • New bcfg2-admin backup mode
  • Massive documentation updates
  • SSL certificate localization (in bcfg2-admin init)
  • Implement central git repository for new users to grab when first starting out with Bcfg2 (continuous work in progress available at https://github.com/solj/bcfg2-repo)

In addition to those mentioned above, we also received patches (and other forms of contribution) from the following people:

  • Leif Ryge
  • m4z
  • Richard Connon
  • Calen Pennington
  • Gunnar Thielebein
  • Gordon Messmer
  • Jonathan Billings
  • Jeramey Crawford
  • Stephane Graber

Download : http://trac.mcs.anl.gov/projects/bcfg2/wiki/Download
Mailing list : https://lists.mcs.anl.gov/mailman/listinfo/bcfg-dev
IRC : #bcfg2 on chat.freenode.net

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