Bcfg2 1.1.2 released

A new release for Bcfg2 1.1.2 is now available:

This is a bugfix release primarily to address some issues with newer versions of Python. The following is a list of the primary changes:

  • Metadata: Stop stripping comments from clients.xml (Resolves Ticket #929)
  • SSLServer: Stop raising trapped exceptions from XMLRPCRequestHandler. Causes the server to wedge (Resolves Ticket #970)
  • YUMng: Add error checking to make sure gpg-pubkeys have all needed information. Fix handling of gpg-pubkey packages by yum 3.2.20 on SLES
  • Proxy: Fix for Python 2.7 xmlrpclib Transport class (Patch from Gordon Messmer)
  • Fix bcfg2-reports –badentry and –extraentry
  • schema: Add support for verify attribute (Resolves Ticket #883)
  • Chkconfig: track supervised services properly (Resolves Ticket #856)
  • Packages: fix global package coalescing (Patch from Jeramey Crawford) (Resolves Ticket #973)
  • Bcfg2: handle server strings that don’t start with https:// (Resolves Ticket #975)
  • man: Add man page for bcfg2-ping-sweep (#997)

Development is well under way for 1.2.0 and there aren’t any further bugfix releases planned for the 1.1.x series.

Download: ftp://ftp.mcs.anl.gov/pub/bcfg/bcfg2-1.1.2.tar.gz

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