Alpine Linux 3.1.0 released

The Alpine Linux Project is pleased to announce Alpine Linux 3.1.0, the first release in v3.1 stable series.

This release is built with musl libc and is not compatible with v2.x and earlier, so special care needs to be taken when upgrading.

Please refer to the documentation for information on how to perform the upgrade.

Some of the new features are:

  • support for openvswitch
  • Xen 4.4
  • a release build for Rasberry PI (arm hardfloat)

Some of the desktop applications that got upgraded and are available for v3.1:

  • xorg-server-1.16.2
  • firefox 31.2.0
  • gnumeric 1.12.18
  • evince 3.14.1
  • virt-manager 1.1.0
  • claws-mail 3.11.0
  • hexchat 2.10.2
  • vlc 2.1.5
  • inkscape 0.48.5
  • gimp 2.8.14
  • audacity 2.0.6

See the full annoucement or grab it.

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