alpine-iso Config Builder

To create an Alpine ISO image with a specific set of packages only a plaintext list of packages and a configuration file is needed. Sometimes you wish to have some additional documentation or description about the included packages available and not only the package list. Here comes config-builder into play. config-builder is able to create a package list from a mediawiki page or the Alpine Linux Git repository. Below are two pages that are included in the config-builder script.

config-builder allows you to grab data from any mediawiki instance to build your package list. A requirement for the mediawiki pages is that the package names are placed in a table (class wikitable). Beside that nothing else is needed. You are free to format your page as you like. If you are unsure about the table layout just take a look at one of the two page mentioned above.

More details about the creation of Alpine Linux ISO images can be found at this wiki page.

Source code:

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