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CLT 2014

So ist nun auch der CLT 2014 Geschichte…fast hätten wir noch ein Fedora-Banner hängen gelassen. Da wir es jedes Jahr an der gleichen Stelle aufhängen, war die Gedanken so auf die Rückreise fixiert, dass wohl die Erinnerungen des Abhängen v...

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Menu of the Fedora Security Lab

It seems that your menu for the Fedora Security Lab is a bit out-dated. Joerg pointed out that various commands should be check for the parameters. If you find such a command, please add a comment to this ticket:

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Alpine Linux 2.7.5 released

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 2.7.5 of its Alpine Linux operating system. This is a bugfix release which is based on the 3.10.33 kernel which contains various security fixes. Download: http://al...

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Breakout v0.3.1 available

Yesterday Breakout 0.3.1 was released. This update includes the ability to auto connect upon launching Breakout Server and an updated version of AdvancedFirmata that enables the use of high current stepper motor drivers. Full announcement Download...

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Webinterface for switchable current bar

There is a nice tutorial from Matt Richardson about using Flask with an Raspberry Pi for controlling the GIO. I never used Flask before but I was able to create a nice webpage with some help of flask-bootstrap and flask-AppConfig. … Continue r...

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Chemnitz Linux Days 2014

The Chemnitz Linux Days is a mid-size conference in the eastern part of Germany. The event is organized by the IN Chemnitz, the CLUG, and the Faculty of Computer Science of the Chemnitz University of Technology and many volunteers. The … Conti...

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Network speed

That’s a nice speed… It’s a shame but my hardware is really not capable for that kind of speed. Combined with a low power consumption this is everybody’s dream 😉...

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